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GUSTOMATIC, which is the joint project of HOME STYLE PRIVATE CATERING, one of the leading companies of corporate invitations and banquets, and SES VENDİNG, the strong brand of the vending industry, will be put into service very soon. The project will be implemented in Istanbul at the first stage and will spread to other cities and regions according to the requests until the end of the year.


Since 2001, HOME STYLE has been providing catering services for private events and corporate events with its highly energetic and experienced staff.


The Home Style GUSTOMATIC project, which designs and designs different creative menus and corporate projects, also puts forward its claim in the retail market.




Since 2007, SES VENDING has been offering hot and cold beverage services of many important companies and their employees, including Istanbul, Marmara and South Marmara, with state-of-the-art vending machines manufactured by the world's largest vending machines.


It is the leader of the vending market. is

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